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Mini Trees

We have 8 mini trees going around the Megatree.  Each mini tree is made from an upside down tomato cage with the top wired/soldered together.  MinitreeI also added wire between each of the splines to round each tree...otherwise, it would have a funky triangular shape.  Doing this gave a total of 6 splines for each tree.

Four of the trees are 3 feet tall.  These trees have 300 white lights and 300 red lights on each.

The other four trees are 4 feet tall.  These trees have 400 white lights and 400 green lights on each.

On all of the trees, I put the white lights on first (starting at the bottom).  I basically just tied the light strings onto the frame of the tomato cage and then wrap them around.  You need to experiment with getting the pattern of lights to where they all fill the tree nicely.  Once the white lights were on, I put the other color on.