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Donation Box

This last May 2006, we had our annual garage sales.  During that time, we had people come by our house and talk to us about our Christmas display.  One couple we were talking to suggested a donation box, but I told him that we didn't have a secure box to do it with.  The next day, he came by with a strong steel grey lockbox.  It was just the lockbox and had no mounting to it, so it would still need work, but it was a start.

Since we were collecting for the food closet and didn't have a need to collect donations, I just left the lockbox in the closet up until the display was already running for 2006.  Then, a court verdict in the Rios kids case was made.  The Rios kids were locked and starved in a bathroom for 5 years by their parents.  Many talked about how terrible it was, but we didn't see anyone helping the kids out.  So, we inquired about the fund that was setup for them (The Second Chance Medical and Education Fund) and tried to find out how we could put the lockbox into use...and fast.

Putting the lockbox on a post would work, but it had to be secure.  I took the lockbox down to a local welder (D & G Welding) named Dean.  He said he could do the work, but I needed to get post material.  He suggested that I go to a local plumbing supply (Jack Rabbit Plumbing).  I went to their location and explained what we were trying to do.  Mark at Jack Rabbit Plumbing donated the post and post sleeve.  I took that back to Dean and he did a fabulous job of welding it all together.  The lockbox was smoking...literally.  Once it cooled, I looked at the weld and it was just perfect.  We slid the post sleeve on the bottom of the post and Dean did spot welds on it to prevent anyone from easily stealing it.  I drilled a half inch hole through the post and post sleeve to allow putting in a 1/2" bolt for next year (instead of spot welding).

The next day, I painted it with a candy cane style and let it dry another day before I dug a hole in the front yard by the sidewalk.  Well, it was a good thing I was digging softly, because I found the sewer and water pipes!   I buried them with about 6" of soil and put the donation box in.  I then filled it with concrete....lots of it.  It was freezing outside (and during my show display) while I poured the concrete, so I had to cover the concrete afterwards with cloth.  I must have looked like a freak pouring concrete at night during the display....ah well.

The donation box is working very well.  If anyone decides to hook it up to their car and drive away, it's gonna do some their vehicle.  :)  I had to put lights on it to show everyone where it was...many couldn't see it.

Donation box wrapped in lights      Slot for donation box

Ready for bolt through sleeve       Donation box